Springing Forward

The snow has finally melted, and Spring time is here! Since we now have a yard, and a functional garage – that means we have been gardening, and tackling some various DIY home projects.

Last Fall I got interested in using wooden pallets and transforming them into home decor. My first ideas came from Pinterest. I asked Dave to get me a few pallets  – knowing that he had some laying around at work. I knew from my Pinterest research that you needed different pallet styles (they all have different types and quantities of wood planks), depending on what you want to make, but I didnt give Dave any specifics figuring I could make whatever he got workout for the items I wanted to make. Plus, creativity.

Dave did the sawing and nailing, Anela and I did the staining. I am very pleased with how everything turned out.

Pictured above – the wall art piece with mini shelves, and the two large shelves. One pallet provided the two larger shelves, and another deconstructed pallet makes up the wall art. After getting them hung I decided to put hooks along the bottom of the top shelf for my tea cups. I hung thick twine accross the bottom of the wall art and used little yellow clothes pins to hang photos from the twine. Anela painted me the 4×6 canvas with the 3 daisies.

image1 (2).jpg

The boot/shoe racks were a little easier than the shelves because we didnt put any bottom planks on the underside. Really all we had to do was cut the two ends off a pallet, and stain them. These are amazing! They were something I decided to do at the last minute, and I think functionality-wise, they are my favorite project. There is so much more room for the front door to open, and more space to get down the stairs. Our shoes are up off the floor and out of the way!

Another DIY project I whipped up recently is a burlap wreath from my front door. I saw them on etsy, and immediately wanted one – but like most quality hand made items they had a high price tag. Back to Pinterest, where I found a tutorial on how to make my own.

image1 (4).jpg

It was super easy to do! You basically just pull loops of burlap ribbon through a 12″ wire wreath frame. I found all my supplies at Joann’s, and had coupons! I added some yellow tulle to my burlap loops, and I like the look but wish the yellow was more yellow. I will probably add some more yellow ribbon, and possibly different flowers at some point. I think making more of these is in my future, they would make good gifts.

Anela and I have been talking about making a fairy/gnome garden since we moved into our new place last Summer. Last weekend we tore up an area in the front yard and started a gnome garden. She even added a pond. It looks tons nicer than it did, as you can see…

image1 (6).jpg

…and I have been knitting! Unfortunatley I figured out that I had been doing one of the lace stitches in my yellow Waiting For Rain shawl incorrectly, and I figured that out while doing the fourth and final lace panel. I tore the entire thing out, and restarted. I also cast on for my Mom’s Waiting For Rain shawl, in a lovely robin’s egg blue with brown speckles.

image1 (5).jpg

The yarn came from Kim Dyes Yarn on etsy, and its a superwash MCN blend. Its so soft, and squishy, and just lovely to knit with. I am to the second lace short row section on my Mom’s shawl (doing it correctly – I double checked), and almost to the first short row lace section on my yellow one (second attempt).

Im also working on a of couple hats, and I just signed up for another round of the Baby Swap on ravelry. This will be my fourth time (I think) participating in that swap, and I havent been disappointed yet. I am always the swapper that knits, you can also be the swapper that shops. The knitting swappers knit baby items for the shopping swappers, who in turn sends the knitting swappers yarn and other kniting goodies. Its all anonymous though, so you dont know what you’re getting or who its from until you receiev your swap package. Its fun, and a good reason to buy more yarn, and try a new pattern 😉


About zenren

I am in my mid-thirties, and blissfully married to a guy named Dave with whom I have a 17 year old daughter named Anela, and she is my world. I'm the RN Clinical Nurse Manager of a Transitional Care Unit where I work extremely hard to make my nurses and my patients happy. I knit shawls, and hats, and baby sweaters. I obsessively use Burt's Bees lip balm. I love spending weekends on our little slice of lake in northern Minnesota, and laying in the grass near the bonfire on a cool spring night with the kiddo watching for shooting stars while eating gooey s'mores with sticky fingers. I enjoy wrapping up in over-sized, snuggly warm sweaters in the autumn and going for walks with the smell of fallen leaves and trees blazing with color. I read a lot of self-help books. I frequently do not answer my cell phone. My husband adores me because of my quirks, not in spite of them, and I do my best to appreciate that. Im learning to meditate, and have a weakness for a good cup of tea. My nephew is adorable, and brings me so much joy. I knit to wind down, stay sane, and create beautiful things.
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2 Responses to Springing Forward

  1. Shannon says:

    I love those pallet shelves!


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